No Class…..but the show must go on!!

Homecoming is finally over but the festivities continue’s with the Florida’s annual classic.  As the campus dwindles down from all the excitement there is more to come starting next with and week after next. Wildcats vs. Rattlers prepare to take on for the classic title and the night before the battle of the bands. This is a great way to start the thanksgiving break and along with leading into the last semester of fall. Since this semester is my last semester of classes I have been really working hard to continue to put myself out their in a positive perspective when it comes to voice over acting. I’m excited to be starting my internship in the spring semester and is so happy to be done with classes. I am looking forward to what the rest of the school year has in store for me while doing my part to remain active, involved and humble.  I have been seeing a lot of internship opportunities that I am very interested in and preparing myself to apply for. I really believe in myself  sadly I’m just not a person that has to been seen and heard I guess that started back from when I won Chicago Idol back in 2006, instead of being a person that feels the needs to be seen just to show off I believe in just putting my best foot forward and when the time comes thats when I perform.



It amazes me how we take what the news say for its word without fact checking. Us viewers at home have become ignorant without knowing the difference between fact or fiction when it comes to new new media and the news. I’ve notice we have as students love to be on television so we can get the next big break without realizing it can potentially hurt your image. When it comes to politics its the same, take a moment when you get a chance and really listen to the news and how they “repeat” and not “report”. The news uses the internet and they say s as fact checking instead of going to the actual source and getting the actual truth. Makes you really question whats being fed in our minds and how we view things instead of taking the time out ourselves and getting the real truth. Let’s look at Herman Cain for a moment who has been accused of sexual harassment the media has taken the story and his words and twisted it to no avail making it out to seem he has already committed the act without fact checking. You have someone who is well educated and black such as Herman Cain and let’s not forget a republican yet he’s getting the sticks thrown at him. Why is this happening to Herman Cain? Is this because he is black or is it because he’s a threat to President Barak Obama. His race has nothing to do with the accusation, this can happen to any presidential candidate. Our mind set is still in the dumps and we as American’s love to play the race card. When you think back to the different movement’s overtime such as the civil rights blacks and whites came together for a meaning cause yet in this present society we love to have BET, CNN and Youtube specials on what needs to be done , and what our president is doing wrong yet we won’t take the time to come together and march or have sit ins for our rights.  Why is that, instead of complaining about the wrongs why don’t we go back to the civil rights day and have a voice and become socially, politically and mentally involved. Remember the White House has no power without our support and vote!

I Movie

Im disappointed I’m not able to to upload my video of showing my different faces from photo booth. Class was very fun I had the opportunity to mess around with photo booth and play around with the different images such as frog, dizzy, roller coaster  , etc.

Image reputation

The Dark Side Behind The Computer Screen

The internet can be your best friend or your worst enemy, but what happens when your children are being taken advantage by strangers who are unseen. Reporter Jim Brosomer showed his demo reels about the dark side behind children being taken advantage by older pedephile men. Children are often being taken advantage of by men who some are teachers, business men, insurance sales man that are solstice young children particularly boys that are becoming victims to lure conversation with older men. When chat rooms came about, parents had no clue what their children were being subjective too obscene chatting with strangers that were trying to lure their children into dangers. With more social sites such as Facebook and myspace along with other social meeting grounds the chat room is still and open playground for older adults to meet children. The biggest safety tip for parents is to monitor their child internet activity at all time and make sure certain sites are blocked.

Private Eye Spy

The students from Professor Labarbera’s  New New Media class has created a wikipedia page for the BCU WM&G TV campus station which turned out to be an ok attempt with major corrections needed. I created my own wikipedia page a few days ago which I found to be interesting to see how you can edit peoples content so easily without second thought. It just really shows how Wikipedia is not a trusted source and that you should always look too further information for more trusted source.

A Great Laugh

Ever sent out a text message and the word you put was auto corrected by a word that you didn’t mean to say? Well thats what many with iPhones and other cellular devices have gone through in the world of “auto corrected”. Sounds harmless but when a specific word is replaced with explicative words this could  be harmful and comes back to haunt you? Well there are various websites that shows the mistakes that have been made with messages that were meant to be harmless but turned out to be either amusing, hurtful and out right disgusting.

The class were shown the different text messages that were sent out to families and friends that used suggestive language that was very funny but I began to think. When these text messages such as these are sent out. We all know once a text message is sent its gone forever, messages such as these depending on the receiver can use these messages for the good or evil. So let’s think before we speak and let’s proof read before we send!

Editorial Fact vs. Fiction

Wikipedia has three different articles that are good, preferred and status. Each articles has specifics that shows how reliable each article can actually be. Wikipedia is an encyclopedia drawing forms of references, questionable text, definitions that anyone can manipulate at their own use. It opens because anybody can log in use the website  to change various entries. Wikipedia supposedly takes fact checking seriously but since it only has volunteers then its very different case. Wikipedia is reliable less than 1/3 of 1% are good, meaning the rest is false, lies, or not reliable as a credible source. You don’t need an email to sign up for a Wiki and some topics has a lock support where certain topics can be only edited by some or none at all unless you  have certain access. Though “Wiki” is becoming revolutionary one must remember that mistakes can and have been made when using wikipedia as a source for anything.

A day to remember……

On October 5th 2011 we lost the creative genius to what millions across the world know as Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs lost his life to a long battle with pancreatic cancer and was the creator and CEO to Apple and Pixar. Steve’s iconic perserverance  and innovations created Apple in 1976 and was incorporated in 1976. Jobs, born in 1955 was adopted and grew up in Cupertino California home of Apple’s headquarters, Jobs took on an early interest in electronics as a teenager. A college dropout Jobs would go on to create the visionary to what know as “Apple” I am grateful to have discovered and purchase my very own iMac this passed week. Since my first encounter with apple freshman year in college I knew then I was hooked. I was able to find my creativity through radio and voice over craft and for that I am truly grateful. Thank you Jobs!!!!!