Is The Music Industry Dead: Well For Black’s At least?

After the shocking news of Whitney Houston passing on last Saturday afternoon and the grammy’s following. One has to ask itself is the music industry dead? Coming from a singing background being almost signed to a recording contract and working hard to get into the music industry for many years. I wasn’t your typical singer….looking up to singers such as Vesta Williams, Phyllis Hyman, Anita Baker, Lalah Hathaway and the list goes on and on. After watching the “Grammy’s”  (crickets going off in my head) I have to ask what happen to real music. Yes, times have changed, generations do change but at the same time does that mean singers such as Etta James, Whitney Houston, Tina Turner, Sarah Vaughn, En Vogue, Chakah Khan who have paved the way and worked so hard to create that pure sound has gone to waste? Yes we have Jill Scott, Ledisi, Kem, Kindred, BUT they DO NOT get the recognition they deserve. I remember when rap was first introduced to the world it told a story about the inner city and poverty life that the average black families were living in their community. NOW rap has totally changed talking about ass shaking, bottles popping, money spending, making it rain in the clubs a life that the average working class is not living. Working minimum wage job does not allow the average college students whose working toward there full potential dream in making to “pop bottles” or a single mother having the luxury of spending money however she pleases and let’s not even talk about how our young black men think it’s cool to wear their pants at the ankles having to constantly pull them up every five seconds. How do we get back to music that once had a meaning to its message? Whose to blame and how do we as adults who love real music stand up and make a change? Because as this very moment I’m ready to boycott the record companies and A&R’s that find these types of talent.


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