Thanksgiving is right around the corner and what comes along with thanksgiving? Thats right shopping. The stores have already began to market the commercial adds on television gearing everyone up for “black friday”. I have never once participated in the madness that I hear others talk about for weeks but this year I decided to join the mass crowd. Unfortunately, I have to work that evening so my plans of any shopping will be cut short.

Another reason of celebration for me is, this semester is my last where I take classes. Finally, I am done with all my major and non major classes and only thing is left  for me is my internship which starts in the spring. When I originally added “New New Media” this class was just another class for me that I wanted to just bs through just to get my grade and leave. Labarbera has really pushed his students and push forward their critical thinking skills, making way for us to really think about how our young generation uses the internet and our online content. Yes, I know this may sound rhetoric but I can’t seem to stress enough to people that putting your personal business, photos, video’s among other things can not only hurt your online image for potential jobs but it’s just plain right unnecessary. Labarbera, has even taken the time out to have little seminars on the issue and while many get it some just don’t understand. One to never put my personal business on social media sites made even more aware of myself and how others viewed me. I also learned to be more conscious about the news and their content. I began to take all that I learned in my journalism  classes and apply them to my daily life and learn how to “fact check” first before believing what is told to me. It took a great Professor such as Larbarbera, to really bring everything home for me, for It to actually make sense and I thank him for that!!!!


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