Are we there yet!!!!

So many scandal’s when It comes to the media  especially when It’s about politics. The story that broke out this past Friday, about Cheney Mason broke just moments after he was hospitalized before giving a speech to Bethune-Cookman University’s Mass Communications annual conference. Student’s from WM&G student television station was able to first get the breaking news right after the incident happen. Herman Cain, whose expected to run for the 2012 election has been getting a lot of flack because of his extra martial scandals and now outrageous bumper stickers has been made in mockery of him and his candidacy. I could go on about the scandals that have broken over the weekend and the internet, news and social media’s sites there to pick It up. It it wasn’t for new new media would we still be in the dark ages as to hear about the different scandals that break every day?


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