No Class…..but the show must go on!!

Homecoming is finally over but the festivities continue’s with the Florida’s annual classic.  As the campus dwindles down from all the excitement there is more to come starting next with and week after next. Wildcats vs. Rattlers prepare to take on for the classic title and the night before the battle of the bands. This is a great way to start the thanksgiving break and along with leading into the last semester of fall. Since this semester is my last semester of classes I have been really working hard to continue to put myself out their in a positive perspective when it comes to voice over acting. I’m excited to be starting my internship in the spring semester and is so happy to be done with classes. I am looking forward to what the rest of the school year has in store for me while doing my part to remain active, involved and humble.  I have been seeing a lot of internship opportunities that I am very interested in and preparing myself to apply for. I really believe in myself  sadly I’m just not a person that has to been seen and heard I guess that started back from when I won Chicago Idol back in 2006, instead of being a person that feels the needs to be seen just to show off I believe in just putting my best foot forward and when the time comes thats when I perform.


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