It amazes me how we take what the news say for its word without fact checking. Us viewers at home have become ignorant without knowing the difference between fact or fiction when it comes to new new media and the news. I’ve notice we have as students love to be on television so we can get the next big break without realizing it can potentially hurt your image. When it comes to politics its the same, take a moment when you get a chance and really listen to the news and how they “repeat” and not “report”. The news uses the internet and they say s as fact checking instead of going to the actual source and getting the actual truth. Makes you really question whats being fed in our minds and how we view things instead of taking the time out ourselves and getting the real truth. Let’s look at Herman Cain for a moment who has been accused of sexual harassment the media has taken the story and his words and twisted it to no avail making it out to seem he has already committed the act without fact checking. You have someone who is well educated and black such as Herman Cain and let’s not forget a republican yet he’s getting the sticks thrown at him. Why is this happening to Herman Cain? Is this because he is black or is it because he’s a threat to President Barak Obama. His race has nothing to do with the accusation, this can happen to any presidential candidate. Our mind set is still in the dumps and we as American’s love to play the race card. When you think back to the different movement’s overtime such as the civil rights blacks and whites came together for a meaning cause yet in this present society we love to have BET, CNN and Youtube specials on what needs to be done , and what our president is doing wrong yet we won’t take the time to come together and march or have sit ins for our rights.  Why is that, instead of complaining about the wrongs why don’t we go back to the civil rights day and have a voice and become socially, politically and mentally involved. Remember the White House has no power without our support and vote!


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