The Dark Side Behind The Computer Screen

The internet can be your best friend or your worst enemy, but what happens when your children are being taken advantage by strangers who are unseen. Reporter Jim Brosomer showed his demo reels about the dark side behind children being taken advantage by older pedephile men. Children are often being taken advantage of by men who some are teachers, business men, insurance sales man that are solstice young children particularly boys that are becoming victims to lure conversation with older men. When chat rooms came about, parents had no clue what their children were being subjective too obscene chatting with strangers that were trying to lure their children into dangers. With more social sites such as Facebook and myspace along with other social meeting grounds the chat room is still and open playground for older adults to meet children. The biggest safety tip for parents is to monitor their child internet activity at all time and make sure certain sites are blocked.


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