A Great Laugh

Ever sent out a text message and the word you put was auto corrected by a word that you didn’t mean to say? Well thats what many with iPhones and other cellular devices have gone through in the world of “auto corrected”. Sounds harmless but when a specific word is replaced with explicative words this could  be harmful and comes back to haunt you? Well there are various websites that shows the mistakes that have been made with messages that were meant to be harmless but turned out to be either amusing, hurtful and out right disgusting.

The class were shown the different text messages that were sent out to families and friends that used suggestive language that was very funny but I began to think. When these text messages such as these are sent out. We all know once a text message is sent its gone forever, messages such as these depending on the receiver can use these messages for the good or evil. So let’s think before we speak and let’s proof read before we send!


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