Silence is Golden

The term “Silence is Golden” could never have been so true in class today. Today Labarbera pulled up everyone’s blog in class giving everyone the chance to see how each students blogs look. I found the ones Labarbera showed us in class very interesting some looking very professional making me want to step my game up even more. I originally looked at this blog as a regular in class assignment but I want to continue this adventure beyond class and take it a step further into other adventures. The virtual chat in class I find interesting because we are not allowed to say word which makes the class become completely silent. Now for me it is hard for me to keep my mouth shut for  a second let along the rest of the class period during the duration of the virtual class chat. Its a surreal moment when the class go from interacting to complete silence. Even in my personal life I find myself only wanting to communicate through text messaging, Facebook, and other online chatting uses. Seeing that this class can become a silence box scares me, because keeping quiet is not an option for me!


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